Halloween Books!

Couple of collectible books on phobias for the holiday!

from Joh Vassos' "Phobias" Dromophobia: Fear of crossing the street.

From "The Pop Up Book of Phobias" the drill spins as the page opens!

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Getting ready for Halloween.

Gathering together some spooky books for Halloween, just added a display of these:

how spooktacularly appropriate!

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Book Reading: What? Books!

Open till 10pm tonight, October 13th, for reading, as well as regular business, experience the beauty of Bart’s at night. Sweater recommended.

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Art At Bart’s

Art after dark, at Bart’s! Tomorrow night 6-10 pm. Rain or shine!

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New Collectables

New collectible books out on the shelves today: first american edition of the Bond novel “Thunderball”, first edition of Henry Miller’s “The Air Conditioned Nightmare”.  Books signed by Robert Frost, J.K. Rowling and George Carlin!


Henry Miller (Left) Ian Fleming (right)

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Amazing captain sci-fi fantasy adventure

Edit: Some gentleman came into the store Saturday and Sunday and purchased all 150 of these.

Got a Whole load of these available in the store, right next to a huge pile of vintage (30′s and 40′s) Popular Mechanics, and Science magazines.

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