The Things They Say

July 6, 2011 under Uncategorized

This fine young lady nails some of the funniest interactions with book shop customers we’ve heard.  Some of them have even been heard round these parts, for instance,  variations on this conversation:

“Customer: Hi, do you have any new books?
Me: We’re an antiquarian bookshop – our stock is out of print books.
Customer: So other people have touched them?
Me: Presumably, yes.
Customer: I don’t think I’ll bother, thanks.
Me: OK.”


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Little Bunny Lives

July 3, 2011 under Books

Just finished reading “The Deep Blue Goodbye” by John D. Macdonald.  Have to admit I avoided reading this for a number of years, because it look like trash detective noir, but boy was i wrong.   Travis McGee, the books protagonist, is a true philosopher and surprisingly aware in 1964 of the changes in our culture, that have gotten us where we are today.   Do yourself a favor and pick up a used copy soon, as they will all dry up when the movie that is in pre-production is finally released.

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